Children learn through a day of fun at MCDC

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MINOT, N.D. - A day designated to do all things in reverse is something the Magic City Discovery Center took part in today, offering children a topsy-turvy experience.

The day of fun, called backwards day, wasn't chosen by accident.

"It's actually National Backwards Day, so that is why we're celebrating it you could say," said Keyona Walker, MCDC Instructor.

Walker planned the day of learning, teaching preschoolers how to count backwards and reading a book that she says helps them comprehend what the word backwards really means.

"The story explained when they walk into the classroom they're like, 'goodbye miss glass,' instead of 'hello'. And when they left, they say 'hello' and 'see you yesterday'. When I was reading the story, it's kind of like opposite day, so it's backwards and they're like oh okay," said Walker.

Aside from all the learning, Walker says that the kids really took part in backwards day by walking in reverse, turning around their clothing, and wearing backwards hair styles.

"I had a few kiddos come in with their clothes on backwards. A little girl, we call her Peppa today, cause she has her Peppa shirt on and it's on backwards, and it has a tutu on. And they put pig tails more towards the front, so that if you looked at it from the back it'll look like the pig tails are in the back of her," said Walker.

The event makes the process of learning an enjoyable and fun time for every one.