Children, families share their views of Thanksgiving

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MINOT N.D - American families have gathered on Thanksgiving Day for more than a century to give thanks and eat some great food.

The Magic City Discovery Center in Minot hosted a special Charlie Brown Thanksgiving party for youngsters.

Thanksgiving is a time to be with friends, family

"It's special to like spend with your family and your sister and your brothers," said Brooklyn Frank, celebrating Thanksgiving.

And to eat some great food!

It's also a time to give thanks and while some say they are thankful for their favorite hobbies.

Others say they are grateful for life itself.

"He was born six weeks early and he ended up really six and we just got him off of oxygen last week, so I'm thankful for that," said Krystle McDonald, celebrating Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving means seeing some family you don't normally see.

"You might want to go to Grandma and Grandpa's for thanksgiving dinner," said Frank.

"As a mom I'm very grateful to be close to my family this year, and we are military so we often move around the country and we get to see my brothers and my parents, my aunt and uncle," said Sarah Holtzmann, celebrating Thanksgiving.

And giving to those who have less.

"I feel like it's an important time to get together with families and help out people that aren't able to. Like my Husband is in the military so we try to have people over from the dorms or people that have trouble cooking or handling life," said McDonald.

It's a tradition passed from generation to generation.

"It's hard to put that in words, it really is it means everything. Especially as you get older you realize what it means to have them here," said Dorothy Lundy, celebrating Thanksgiving.

And to gather with loved ones to celebrate this special holiday.

The Magic City Discovery Center is closed tomorrow but they will be open Friday through Sunday.