Changing the definition of brain injury

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The number of North Dakota residents living with traumatic brain injury is around 13,000, according to the North Dakota Brain Injury Network​. Recently, legislation has changed the language of the definition of brain injury, which will allow more access to services for those individuals.

The definition of brain injury has been updated to be inclusive of all types of brain injuries, rather than isolating it to traumatic brain injuries. Leaders in the North Dakota Brain Injury Advisory Council say this will benefit residents of North Dakota by allowing them to get proper access to services and increase support for those living with brain injuries.

"If you have a brain injury that wasn't caused by trauma or impact then some of the support and services would not have been available to you. And now if you have an acquired injury such as stroke or aneurysm, there is more support available," said Nan Kennelly, chair of ND Brain Injury Advisory Council.

Services will now be available to a wider range of individuals rather than isolated groups with brain injuries. The ND Brain Injury Advisory council will meet to discuss any changes that could happen after the change in language.