Changes to Canadian, U.S Highway

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A future project aimed at improving safety on a highway that connects the U.S and Canada brought members of both of those nations together today.

Changes to Saskatchewan Provincial Highway 39 and U.S. Highway 52 brought the neighboring countries together to talk safety.

"The group invited us down here to talk about the passing lanes and what we're doing, and as a result it's going to have an impact on highway fifty-two for them" said David Marit, Saskatchewan's Highway Minister

Marit said that adding passing lanes to the roadway could decrease traffic and lower fatality rates.

"What we have seen is people say "there's a passing lane in another mile, I can wait." So we see a change in mind set and I think that's important thing to recognize. You see that where people are a little more patient, and as a result of that, a lot less collisions and fatalities" said Marit

When changes are proposed to a roadway that crosses an international border, it's important that both countries are on the same page.

Marit said: "I think it's a good dynamic to talk to our neighbors and friends about what we do and how it impacts them. It would be no different if things were reversed. We would hope that they would talk to us and say "here what we want to do, it's going to have an impact."

Creating a safer space for all drivers between the U.S and our neighbors to the north.