Changes made to Minot Public Schools lunch debt policies

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MINOT, N.D. – The Minot Public School board voted Thursday night to approve a series of changes to the district’s student lunch debt policies, following a week of backlash from the public.

The board approved the following changes:

-Eliminating the chance of sending outstanding debt to collectors

-Extending the pay-period deadline for the student’s parent(s) from 15 days to 30

-Allowing the student in question to participate in fee-based activities

-Removing a clause saying suspected abuse can be reported

Thursday night's meeting allowed parents and community members to voice their questions and concerns to the board.

Minot-area attorney Andrew Schultz told the board members about how drawn-out the collections process can become.

"A government body, okay. One of you guys can't just walk into small claims court. You'd have to hire an attorney to do that. Who, again, is going to charge a commission and they probably aren't going to take something like this. Because frankly, they're not going to make a lot of money on it," said Schultz.

The board voted unanimously to make the proposed changes, and said they were thankful for the public's input.

"I'm very satisfied with how the meeting went and the public's cooperation when speaking to the board," said board president Jim Rostad.

The board says it will continue to revise and review future policies as needed.