Chancellor addresses Minot State University on 'Envision 2030'

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MINOT, N.D. - The North Dakota University System chancellor gave students, faculty and staff the opportunity to speak out on future education and ways to best serve the Minot community.

Chancellor Mark Hagerott brought conversation on the future of education in North Dakota to the Minot State University campus.

The chancellor visited with faculty, staff, students and business people to hear their concerns about higher ed.

"We've been going around the state and we're working on a long term medium strategy, called envision 2030" said Hagerott.

The goal of Hagerott's initiative, known as 'Envision 2030,' is to help higher education leadership and the state board of higher ed focus on how students needs are evolving with the changing workforce.

"We're focusing on workforce and life and mind of the student. The classroom of the future, what the might look like. Student health, what does that look like. The diversity of our study body, the liberal arts and we also talk a little about funding formulas cause there is some anxiety, we went through a tough budget cycle" said Hagerott.

Faculty and staff say they're struggling with keeping up with how quickly academia changes along with technology.

"We had a packed room of faculty, staff, students and business people and I can see that they care about education here in Minot" said Hagerott.

Creating a space for students, faculty and staff to share their voice in higher ed.