Century senior Logan Brown on track to attend Air Force Academy

BISMARCK, N.D. - High school seniors are planning for their futures after this spring. One Century senior is hoping he'll be heading to the Air Force Academy this fall.

Logan Brown was recently nominated by Senator John Hoeven to head to the academy in the fall. He's following the career path of both his dad and brother, and hopes it will have the same impact on his life.

It's becoming a family tradition for the Browns.

“I know that the military had a large effect on my dad's life and you know it made him the way that he is,” Logan said.

Logan is following in the footsteps of his dad, who's spent 30 years in the National Guard, and his brother, who's in the ROTC at the University of North Dakota. He's also been influenced by U.S. history teacher Ryan Kaufman, a 20-year military veteran. It was Kaufman who wrote a recommendation letter for Brown this fall.

“He was chosen by his peers to be a captain of his soccer team which says a lot about his leadership ability,” Kaufman said. “He's taken four AP classes and for a high school student that's not normal, that's excellent.”

Logan also participates in National Honor Society and Science Olympiad. He wants to be a pilot, and his dad couldn't be more proud.

“It's been neat to watch his transformation from somebody that can't pick up after himself to somebody that actually becomes a leader,” Keith Brown said.

“Seeing how big of an effect it had on my father's life and it still has on my father's life all the traveling he's been able to do and how good of a person it's made him, I want that for myself,” Logan said.

The Brown family will visit the academy this weekend, where Logan will take part in a soccer camp with hopes of continuing his athletic career in college.

Logan says he's not sure when he'll hear back from the Academy, but it could be as soon as February.