Central Dakota Humane Society brings dogs back to Mandan

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey continues while help pours into Texas. Here in Bismarck. the Central Dakota Humane Society (CDHS) is pitching in. CDHS is the new shelter for 18 dogs that were housed in Louisiana.

"Picked up 18 dogs and turned around and headed back home. So it was a very quick trip,” said CDHS Director Sue Buchholz.

After collecting supplies last week, Central Dakota Humane society traveled to Kansas City to pick up 18 dogs form Louisiana in order to help clear space for shelters in the south. Hunter Peterson was one of those volunteers.

"I knew the Bismarck-Mandan area would step up and I knew they necessarily don't have the resources those truck and trailer so I figured it'd be a good opportunity since I've adopted form them to help out,” said Peterson.

Hunter used his own truck to help haul supplies down and dogs up. Now Sue Buchholz starts the long process of getting these dogs ready for adoption.

"Some of them will be going up in a couple of weeks. I think others may take 2 months is what I hope would be a maximum,” said Buchholz.

The humane society is now at capacity as potentially catastrophic hurricane Irma barrels down on the United States, potentially making landfall this weekend. More animals will need help.

"If there are other shelters in the state, or rescues that are able to take animals, we would be happy to transport more and disperse them to other shelters that have room,” said Buchholz.

Hurricane Irma is currently a category 5 in the Caribbean. Florida Governor Rick Scott has already declared a State of Emergency.