Carson Wentz tweet sparks criticism

Carson Wentz posted a photo this week on Twitter celebrating his dog's birthday, the response wasn't pretty.

Photo courtesy Carson Wentz's Twitter page

The picture that Wentz posted showed his five-year-old dog sitting behind a number of dead birds. The picture stirred up a lot of negative comments attacking Wentz for his love of hunting.

Wentz has made headlines all season long for the way he plays football but now he's making headlines for tweeting this picture.

Some fans say the photo can be offensive.

Hunting plays a big role for many across the country for various reasons like food consumption, outdoor recreation and population control.

“If we don't have that population control it can also lead to disease issues, and nobody wants that," said Jeb Williams, North Dakota Game & Fish Dept.

Especially in North Dakota.

"It's very important to the economy. It's a billion dollar industry in North Dakota; the hunting and fishing industry and how that trickles down to local economies, " said Williams.

Wentz says when you love something, you talk about it, for him one of those things is hunting.

Williams says many come to the state for its rural aspect of North Dakota and what it provides like hunting and fishing.