Carson Wentz Talks with Media

Carson Wentz met with the media for the first time during Eagles Training Camp today. Many of the questions were directed at comparing his rookie camp to this year, and bringing the receiver to North Dakota to work out this summer.

The Eagles are approaching the first week of camp much like the Vikings are. Younger players and Quarterbacks are there a few days before the rest of the team. Wentz was asked about missing time in camp last year before going from third string, to starter.

"Then having 8 days to prepare,” Wentz says. “Just like the whole theme of last off season for be it was just a whirlwind and things happened fast but now this year not only having this off season but having 16 games under my belt, going through a whole season, knowing what to expect and getting that experience and now coming through this off season as the number one guy and getting those opportunities mentally it's just a whole different place."

The Quarterback from Bismarck said that building chemistry with his receivers was the main reason for working out in Fargo. "We have a couple of new pieces that we've been working together in the off season, OTA's, the whole 9 yards, just continually building that chemistry. Just being sharp in everything, finding the check downs, finding little things, the details, the details for me are the biggest thing that I want to refine and you're never a finished product that's for sure."

With this being Carson’s second season in the NFL, he mentions that there is a huge difference between this year, and being a rookie.

“It's not so much of a whirlwind. This summer I was chomping at the bit to get back here. Last summer I was just trying to breath you know because it was a whirlwind off season so mentally I'm just in a way better place. I know what to expect and know the routine and everything so for me mentally it's been a lot better for sure."

The Eagles will hold their first full-squad practice on Thursday.


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