Carrington farmer hoping for good outcome after blizzard

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CARRINGTON, N.D. - Last week's snow storm put the harvest season at a standstill.

Areas like Carrington in the eastern portion of the state were the hardest hit.

Carrington farmer Cody Montgomery is one of thousands of farmers across the state relying on hope for the future of his crops.

His corn stalks are about eight feet tall. He says they received more than two feet of snow because of last week's storm. And although it's beginning to melt, snow continues to cover large portions of his fields.

Montgomery drives up and down his corn field waiting to get back to work.

The agriculture business isn't easy especially with all the uncertainty the weather in North Dakota brings.

"When are we going to get back to harvest? When are we going to be able to move some hay? If we continue to get moisture, the ground is entirely saturated. So yeah, it's going to drastically affect how, I mean, the next 45 days are critical," said Montgomery.

An early record setting snowfall made many farmers and ranchers nervous for what's to come.

"For some people this will be the nail in the coffin, it's just how hard it's going to get nailed in," said Montgomery.

Many are bracing for that hit.

Montgomery says most of his 700 acres of corn will be converted to grain.

He's nervous about the 60 to 80 acres he plans to chop because everything is frozen, and it will dry quickly.

"Just trying to figure what a plan of attack is. And if things go sideways then ok how are we going to manage that. How are we going to manage our inputs, or our debt load to pay back and what are we going to do," said Montgomery.

That conversation is on hold for Montgomery for now though, because this farmer is holding on to faith despite the snow putting a wrench in his plans.

He's hopeful there will still be a good harvest.