Caring for the Memorial Bridge flags

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The Amvets have taken care of the 20 flags on Memorial Bridge since its completion in 2008.

The flags on the Memorial Bridge can't be flown year round because of the wind in North Dakota.

"When we first started doing it we left them up, and we lost 16 of the flags. We left them up for a couple of days, and the wind just rips them to pieces, so we just can't do that," said Lyle Schuchart, Honor Guard Captain.

The Department of Transportation pays for replacement flags when needed. The flags are flown on holidays, special occasions, and whenever the Governor makes a request.

"I like to think that the general public likes to see them go up, and I enjoy putting them up also. You know, they honk and they wave when they go by, and I enjoy that," said John Adolf, Honor Guard.

The Amvets want to reassure people that the POW/MIA flags are allowed to fly tattered as a reflection of what prisoners of war go through.

The Amvets Honor Guard works more than a 140 events per year.​