Cara comes home

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BISMARCK Miss America Cara Mund has returned home to Bismarck.

A surprise visit from Miss America for some sick kids.

Cara Mund started her homecoming Nov. 4 at Sanford hospital.

"They know that someone is there to visit them special. I think that was the main thing. Like I said, I want to inspire kids, but at the same time I want to just really give back because that's what this title is all about. It's not a crown, it's not a sash, but it's the service that you give," said Cara.

Later, Bismarck gave her a proper North Dakota welcome at the Event Center. Music was provided by school bands and choirs.

"We've been following her for quite some time. It's exciting, and we see she has come a long ways, and there's other contestants up there as well and that's good," said Andrea Johnson, a Bismarck resident.

Eleven other Miss America 2018 competitors came to North Dakota to congratulate Cara on her win. They wished her luck as Miss America.

She spoke some about her new role.

"I always say the best part about North Dakota is the people, and so I really try to show that by having a warm heart. I try to remember people's names when I meet them. I try to at least know their story, because I think that's one of the best parts, because as Miss America you're representing the whole country, not just North Dakota, but I get to take North Dakota with me and help spread it around the country," said Cara.

Cara's platform for the Miss America competition was Make A Wish, and she had a lot of support from the foundation.

Cara says that after her year as Miss America she plans to finish law school and to one day become the first female governor of North Dakota.