Car crashes into sheriff’s department in Burleigh County, 1 injured

A Monday morning crash has left the driver of the vehicle in the hospital.

Bismarck Police Department Lt. Jeff Solemsaas says the crash happened around 7 a.m. Monday.

Solemsaas says a 66-year-old man was driving east on Rosser when his car veered to the right, onto a sidewalk, past a red light and into the northwest corner of the Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department.

Solemsaas says the man almost hit a pedestrian crossing the street at the time of the accident.

Police say the building didn’t suffer structural damage but the car is totaled.

Officers say the man’s wife called 911 because she was on the phone with the man and they lost contact. His wife tells police the man was driving to the hospital because he wasn’t feeling well.

Police say when they arrived the man had no pulse and wasn’t breathing. Solemsaas says they don’t know how the man is doing.

Police say the cause of the crash appears to be a medical issue.