Capital Area Transit asked to relocate from Gateway Mall

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BISMARCK, N.D. Gateway Mall in North Bismarck is asking Capital Area Transit bus system to relocate to another facility because the manager at the mall says he's sick of being used by the public transportation system.

A lot of people say if it wasn't for these buses at Gateway Mall, they wouldn't make it to their destination.

"If the bus didn't come this close to Gateway Mall, I would be devastated because it's very close to where I live and work," said bus rider Lisa Ganje.

This public transportation system that runs through the Gateway Mall parking lot is said to be causing damage and a huge expense to the mall.

"I'm sick and tired of making payments for these repairs for 30 years. They need to take responsibility for it," said Raymond Arjmand, manager of Gateway Mall.

Arjmand says all he's asking is for Bis-Man Transit to come up with a resolution and work together to serve the community and solve these issues.

Bis-Man Transit agrees.

"We're going to try to work it out the best we can and if not we are discussing the situation with other properties as possibilities," said Roy Rickert, executive director at Bis-Man Transit.

Rickert says there might be other ways to contribute to the mall, other than money, and he hopes to continue to take the community where they want to go.

Capital Area Transit will still be serving the Gateway Community for a few weeks.