Candle light vigil to be held Friday in Williston for victims in Mexico shooting

 Photo Courtesy:Tiffany Langford
Photo Courtesy:Tiffany Langford (KFYR)
Published: Nov. 5, 2019 at 1:40 PM CST
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North Dakota continues to prove its strong sense of community after responding to the violent attacks at the Mexican border. Two residents in Williston are teaming up to raise awareness of this senseless crime in their community.

Two Williston residents, Makendle Dierman and Joanni Luna, are coordinating a vigil and candle lighting service for this Friday at Harmon Park in Williston.

Makendle says they don't have any direct ties to the families involved, but see this as an opportunity to bring the community together. She says she hopes people coming to the vigil know its a way to raise awareness in the community and mourn a loss.

"It's not my family and I mean most people just shrug it off, and just say not my problem, not my life. The thing is is life doesn't know what we're living, and now these families are going through this trauma," said Dierman.

The mothers say they haven't met before today, and began chatting after being in the same Williston mothers Facebook group.

"I basically put myself in that position last night when I was reading over everyone's stories and prayers, and the terrors of what they went through and how I would handle it and how could I protect my children in that situation and it's haunting me, and I'm sure it's haunting everyone else in the community and in the world," said Luna.

For more information on the vigil, search Vigil Memorial 13 Candle Lighting on Facebook.