Canadian Pacific to end crew change point in Harvey in 2018

HARVEY, N.D. – Canadian Pacific will be ending its crew change point in Harvey early next year, though no employees will lose their jobs, a spokesperson for the company confirmed.

Andy Cummings with CP said the company will debut a new Minot terminal on or after Jan. 14, and will decommission the Harvey stop point on or after March 15.

Cummings said the move comes as a way to move trains more efficiently, as the company can now safely travel from Enderlin to Portal.

According to CP, 73 employees currently work out of the Harvey station, and 10 to 12 will remain in Harvey after the stop is decommissioned.

The displaced workers will be relocated to either the new Minot terminal or another CP location across the state.

This move will not impact the CP Holiday Train route.

Here is the full statement from Canadian Pacific:

“CP has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in track and signal infrastructure on our route across North Dakota over the past five years. In addition to making our rail corridor safer, these investments have enabled us to move trains much more efficiently than before.

CP has an obligation to our customers to provide an efficient, reliable transportation service for their goods. With higher speeds and an efficient signaling system in place, most crews can make the trip from Enderlin to Portal, without stopping in Harvey for a recrew, within the federally mandated 12-hour work period. For trains that cannot make the full distance, our new crew base at Minot will be better positioned to handle the workload.

We understand this will be a challenge to some employees and their families. We are committed to working with those that are affected. They will all have a job at CP if they want it, and relocation assistance is available.

Phasing out Harvey is a bittersweet moment for everyone at CP. For well over a century, the train crews based here made Soo Line, then CP, a successful enterprise, delivering people and goods to the destinations that called them. We do not seek to erase or forget what came before, or the generations of dedicated Soo Line and CP workers that have called Harvey home. They will always be part of our company’s rich history.

There are 73 train and engine positions based at Harvey. Approximately 10 of those positions will remain after the move is complete. The new Minot terminal will be formally established on or after Jan. 14, while the Harvey terminal will be officially decommissioned on or after March 15. Harvey will also remain an employment center for workers in our mechanical, engineering, and signals & communications offices.”