Campaign drives business in downtown Minot

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MINOT, N.D Fifteen downtown Minot businesses have organized the campaign "Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is". The goal, giving shoppers some last-minute holiday deals, while driving people downtown.

"Downtown Minot is the heart and soul of the city. You have to have a strong heart to be prosperous and accomplish things" said Denise Lindbo, owner of Gourmet Chef.

Business owners say they understand just how stressful shopping can be, but they're using their own stores to make it an enjoyable experience.

"It creates a nostalgic feeling and as generations pass and as the generations passed, people want that again. They want to bring their little kids downtown, they want to see the lights, they want to see the windows with the displays in them" said Lindbo.

"It's a really cool feeling. It's nostalgic. You don't ever want the downtown to go away. You have to support the businesses and when a downtown is successful, your community is successful" said Mary Helen Hasby, Cookies For You owner.

These merchants say that they can ship their products to you.

"The money that they spend downtown pretty much stays in their local community" said Jacqueline Field, Oscar's Attic owner.

And they leave you with one last message.

"Merry Christmas from Oliver's Attic and all the downtown merchants," said Field.

"Shop Local," said Lindbo.

"Shop Local, shop local, shop local," said Haspy

Giving you a reason to shop local right in the heart of the Magic City.

List of participating stores:

Michele F
Mainstream Boutique
Main Street Books
Margie's Art Glass
Cookies For You
Century Eyewear
Charlie’s Main Street Café
Grow With Me
Gideon’s Trumpet
Gourmet Chef
Oliver’s Attic
The Putt District
Lien’s Jewelry