Camp Kindness helps students make a difference

Published: Jun. 11, 2019 at 12:30 PM CDT
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Bismarck is looking for a new hero. Or maybe more than 200. Jacob Notermann meets up with a group of young students looking to make a difference.

Look up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! Its Captain Kindness. At least, on a shirt. Welcome to Camp Kindness.

"Camp Kindness is, I like to define Camp Kindness as kind of a movement,” said Co-Director Sue Skalicky. “It's a vacation bible school on steroids."

This year, the Surprise Church is hosting more than 200 kids with the help of more than 70 volunteers. Even with school out and energetic summer activities, the lesson can't be missed.

"It's more about kindness and how we learn to be kind and how we learn to give kindness and learn to receive kindness," said Skalicky.

And that lesson appears to be rubbing off. Even on the older kids.

"Teach kids that kindness is so important and that it will get you into so many places. It is a great thing," said student leader Linnette Miner.

Both the kids and the adults say there is an incredible need for kindness and assistance from one another. With a community looking for help, this monumental task can only be solved by one person. Nay, one superhero.

Meet Captain Kindness.

"Whether it's because of loneliness or bullying or anxiety or depression; some of the statistics that we hear about are fairly alarming," Captain Kindness said.

Which is why Captain Kindness travels around Bismarck, motivating kids to be nice to one another. With one ultimate mission:

"To make themselves leaders in ways they didn't necessarily know they were gifted. But we are building those superheroes one day at a time,” Captain Kindness said.

One day, and one dance at a time.

This is the fourth year of Camp Kindness, but not the fourth appearance of Captain Kindness. He is called to various locations and events teaching values to his young peers.

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