Calving in cold weather

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As we march toward spring the state's ranchers are getting right into calving season.

It's been a bit of a roller coaster this winter in terms of temperature, and that's had a carryover effect onto calving season.

Cold weather has a big impact on these calves.

"When it's this cold they don't last very long outside," said Leslie Kemmet, Kemmet Farms.

But, bitter cold temperatures aren't the highest on the list of fears for the Kemmets.

"A three day blizzard would be really tough. I mean there'd just be no place to go," said Craig Kemmet, Kemmet Farms.

Regardless calves and cows alike don't do their best when the weather is so hard to predict.

"When the weather goes from really cold to reasonable and back to really cold it is not always the best for the animals at all," said Leslie Kemmet.

So Craig Kemmet uses a camera system to make sure he always has one eye on his cattle.

"Man power being short, it's an extra tool it's an extra set of eyes," said Craig Kemmet.

The bovine surveillance system allows Kemmet to make sure he's not leaving any calves out in the cold.

With just around 30 calving births here at Kemmet Farms they're getting right into the thick of things. They expect nearly 350 more calves by the end of the season.