Caleb's Clubhouse debuts new sensory gym

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MINOT N.D. - A generous donation of $12,000 from the Minot Community Foundation's Power of the Purse gave children with special needs the necessary tools and equipment for better sensory regulation throughout their day.

Staff members say they are excited to have the only program of its kind in North Dakota.

β€œIt's been amazing, the kids they walk right in and their very, very excited about having a sensory gym on site,” said Kelsey Kittelson, program director.

Staff members say the prices for preschool are comparable to other schools in town and the after school program is very low cost as well.

We have a five-day-a-week program for $328 a month, a three-day-a-week from $200, and then a two-day-a-week program for $140 a month,” said Kettelson.

For more information on Caleb's Clubhouse you can visit their website at or give them a call at 852-2535.