Caffeinate, meditate at Balancing Goat Yoga

Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 8:46 PM CST
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If you're looking to meditate.. or caffeinate.. there's a new hot spot in Mandan that can help you with both.

Balancing Goat Coffee Company is taking the idea of traditional cafes to the next level.

Owners Karen Schmidt and Dawn Hager are providing a unique place for health and wellness.

They say Balancing Goat is the only place in town you can grab a cup of Joe before heading into an aerial yoga class.

Dawn and Karen are two friends with one goal: to bring balance to Mandan.

"We wanted to create a space where people could come in from their busy lives and just come here and de-stress and balance out their day however they wanted-- whether they wanted something sweet or something healthy," Schmidt says.

For years, the two spent their time working out together and then grabbing a cup of coffee after.

Until they decided it was time to bring the two together.

From there, Balancing Goat Coffee Company was born.

"It has a very welcoming, homey feel to it," customer Maria Wanchic says.

The restaurant offers food, treats and signature beans from different regions for the perfect cup of coffee.

"You're going to taste little hints of either nuttiness or maybe even berry or chocolate or some floral essence depending on where it's grown and how it's processed," Hager says.

If you're in the mood to work off those calories, you'll soon be able to head next door to the yoga studio opening in February.

While they won't be offering any "goat yoga," there's a reason behind the name.

"Goats actually get the credit for discovering coffee. There was a goat herder that was out with his goats and he noticed that they were having a lot more energy when they were eating these berries off of a tree which actually the coffee bean is inside a berry," Schmidt says.

Dawn and Karen say they hope their shop is a home away from home for the people that stop by.

You can find balancing Goat Coffee Company at 27-05 Sunset Drive in Mandan.

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