CTE Presentation at Williston State College

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WILLISTON, N.D. - Career and Technical Education (CTE) fields are some of the most important nation-wide.

Today, members of the Association for CTE (ACTE) were at Williston State College to promote the importance of CTE fields and education. In the past, vocational education was viewed as an option only for students who might not be able to afford a four-year degree. But today, there is a nation-wide need for skilled workers. And Williston State is on the cutting edge.

"Right now, North Dakota's seeing 3 percent unemployment. And we still have ten thousand unfilled jobs. Seventy percent of them require skills training that you're going through or this fine college is teaching you," said Rick Ross\North Dakota ACTE.

"The fact that you can do some of these courses on-line and then supplement those on-line classes with hands-on, real-world experience, is something that you can model, not only in other welding programs, but in many different CTE Fields and pathways," said Jarrod Nagurka, ACTE.

Ross and Nagurka will be in Minot and Devils Lake tomorrow before wrapping up their trip in Fargo.