CBD hemp oil sparks debate

BISMARCK, N.D. - A Bismarck store owner has joined the battle against the DEA to remove CBD oil from the schedule one drug category.

In May, Terry's Health Products was forced to stop selling CBD oil at its store after the police department sent in the oil for testing.

Lonna Brooks owns Terry’s Health Products.

She says she does not understand why she was forced to take her oils down when other stores in the state did not.

She joined the Hemp Industries Association after she was told to take her CBD oil off of shelves in May.

Now, she is preparing for a hearing against the DEA to remove CBD oil from being a schedule one drug.

"My goal is to just be able to get this back on my shelves. I want people to understand that I do not profit from a lawsuit against the DEA. So I'm not suing for a profit,” said Brooks.

The lingering question is why it is a schedule one drug if it doesn't have T-H-C.

And why this business was forced to take it off of their shelves?

The Department of Justice says they have no comment about the CBD oil being classified as schedule one drug because congress is the one that handles scheduling.

As for Brooks, she said the trial is supposed to kick off in the spring.