Buying into the Bakken

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RAY, N.D. - Thousands of job seekers moved to North Dakota during the 2008 oil boom, but when petroleum prices plummeted six years later, a majority of those workers were laid off and left.

Some stayed, like the owners of T & T Barbecue, a husband and wife team from Arkansas who have put down roots in the Bakken.

Big rigs once roll toward this roadside restaurant like bees to honey. Even though the Bakken isn't booming anymore, business at T & T Barbecue hasn't dried up.

Teresa Oldham has replaced her husband Tim in this southern fired food bus that features a custom built smoker.

She has her hands full dishing up baked beans and brisket.

"We stay pretty steady most days," said Teresa.

Her Arkansas accent butters up the customers.

Mark Weyrauch of Ray, ND said, "I like the pulled pork but their pizzas are fantastic, they are super thick and a lot of meat on them."

Teresa's husband Tim came to North Dakota in 2014 to get into the oil field food service business.

"I was broke and there was no jobs so I did what everybody else did, I moved up here and tried to have a better life for myself," said Tim, T & T Tire.

Tim turned over managing the BBQ business to his wife when he opened T & T Tire.

"Tim takes care of all our tire and maintenance. He comes out to our trucks at 3 a.m., he goes to our shop, takes care of the tires, oil changes, pretty much everything we need," said J.R. Stutchman, 3-J Services.

The tire store brings in almost three times as much income as the roadside diner.

Tim and Teresa are putting down permanent roots, they're purchased a home and their hearts are no longer, deep in the heart of Dixie.

T & T Barbecue and T & T Tire are located on U.S. Highway 2 in Ray, North Dakota.