Butterhorn gives food assistance to medical community

BISMARCK, N.D. - From the creation and donation of masks, to providing food and health care, North Dakotans are doing what they can to assist the medical community.

Butterhorn in Bismarck is donating meals to Sanford Health staff.

Owner and Chef Stephanie Miller says that since the community has done so much for them, they feel giving back to the people risking their health is the least they can do.

Miller and co-owner Shane Cornelius came together to make approximately 30 meals.

Chopping lettuce, cookie dough, and kneading dough for Butterhorns is an all-day process for these owners.

Miller said: "We wanted to have this come from us, come from the owners, making sure that they know that we're thinking about them and we're wishing them well. I usually have my team in here this morning helping out but today it's just him and I."

Co-owner Shane Cornelius say's Butterhorn has always talked about giving back.

Cornelius said: "We're extremely grateful for people coming in and getting takeout, a lot of people buying gift cards and stuff like that to use down the road.w When they can come back and dine with us, so we wanted to take are chance and take are turn to help and do something out in the community."

Sanford representatives will pick up the meals once they are made and distribute them to their employees.

Miller says she hopes it will create a wave of other local restaurants wanting to give back to the community.