Business owners address future at Minot Chamber of Commerce annual meeting

MINOT, N.D. - Minot business owners joined the board of directors Wednesday for their annual Chamber of Commerce Meeting.

The keynote speaker, Jay Schuler, addressed new programs and changes in the Department of Commerce, and spoke on the Governors Main Street Initiative.

Business owners were also given the opportunity to talk with others about some of their first hand experiences. Public Service Commissioner Brian Kroshus says that by sharing ideas and thoughts, the state can gather information and better assist local business owners in the future.

“Well I think you can see, just great strides are being made. It’s been a challenging environment with the oil and gas slowdown, but it gives business a chance, the Chamber leading the charge, to reinvent itself, and look for new opportunities in the community and the surrounding area, and under the leadership the Chamber provides and the board members that are so active in the community as well, they're doing a fantastic job,” said Kroshus.

Kroshus added how optimistic he feels about the community's strategic use of long term planning as business evolves around Minot.