Business is booming in North Dakota

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Eight years ago the Great Recession hit, the most devastating global economic crisis since the Great Depression.

North Dakota didn't take a big hit then, and since, businesses with agriculture, oil and education, are booming in the state.

Local businesses in Bismarck, like Memory Fireworks, have been seeing a steady flow of customers.

"I feel like we have such a strong farming community, and we have so many hard workers here in North Dakota that I feel like the recession didn't affect us as much," said Shannon Knutson, co-owner of Memory Fireworks.

Knutson was right.

Interest rates in the state are rising.

"Economic activity as a country as a whole is picking up. That will help a state like North Dakota, which produces what? Commodities. I think the worst is behind us now, and the outlook for North Dakota is improving," said Heartland Investors President Eugene Graner.

Businesses are expanding and advancing in technology, which in turn connects them with their clients.

"From eight years ago to now, employment is up and un-employment is down. Overall it's a positive," said Dale VanEckhout, senior area manager.

Since the recession, grain and oil prices are rising in the state.

Graner says overall in North Dakota, we're doing better than we were ten years ago.