Business is booming at Williston’s Trump Shop

WILLISTON, N.D. - Williston’s new Trump Shop is turning a lot of heads. The owner, Tuffy Nicholas, says he has five other locations across the country, and Williston’s shop has outpaced all of them in sales since it opened a week ago.

What originally started as a pop-up shop is now a permanent location along one of the busiest streets in town. It offers anything from Trump flags to bobble-heads, and people from all over western North Dakota and eastern Montana have been stopping in.

“We were driving down the street getting something to eat, and we happened to see this Trump store. We thought, well that’s pretty interesting, we probably better stop, go in there, and see what it’s like. And it’s pretty fun," said Tim Bousquet, Culbertson, Montana.

The most popular items have sold out, including shot-glasses, a t-shirt with Trump holding a rifle, and some hats. A lot of people have expressed their disapproval of the shop on Facebook, and the land-lord has also gotten some complaints about the location, but says they were misunderstandings.

The shop is not affiliated with Trump’s 2020 campaign, but the owner says he will likely keep the location running until after the 2020 election ends.

The store’s address is 1305 2nd Ave. West.