Burleigh Morton Detention Center 2019 budget proposal

BISMARCK, N.D. - The Burleigh Morton Detention Center has been open for nearly a year and it's already time to figure out a budget for next year.

But good news, Burleigh County Sheriff Pat Heinert says the jail committee will be requesting nearly $200,000 less in their budget than last year’s proposal.

The budget is split 75-26 between Morton County and Burleigh County, with Burleigh shouldering most of the costs.

"There's like nine or 10 areas in the budget that we can decrease to make up for some of the increases. And then of course staffing levels have leveled off now, so we've got that kind of organized," said Heinert.

The jail's budget proposal is more than $8 million for 2019. It will include salary increases for all staff.

Heinert says the committee's goal is to open up another pod in the jail, but that won’t happen in next year’s budget.