Burleigh County to look at rules on medical marijuana dispensaries

The state is in charge of implementing the medical marijuana program, but Burleigh County wants a say on where any facilities are placed.

The Burleigh County Planning and Zoning Committee is looking at an ordinance that will set specific rules on regulating medical marijuana dispensaries. That includes operating hours, size of the building, location of the building, permitting and more. Next Wednesday, the committee will be holding a public hearing to get feedback from the public on the new ordinance.

"Sooner or later the state is going to have all their rules and regulations in place and people will be looking for places to do these sort of facilities,” Planning and Zoning Committee member Brian Bitner said. “And I think it's prudent to address the zoning issues up front instead of waiting until later."

On Monday, the administrative rules committee is voting on whether to adopt the proposed rules for the medical marijuana program.