Burleigh County taxes to go up in 2020

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Burleigh county residents will see a property tax increase in 2020 as county commissioners approved the 2020 county budget.

County residents are looking at about an eleven and a half percent increase in their property taxes. Meaning taxes on a $200,000 home will increase about $30.

"I think what we have presented, and I understand it is an increase and I don't like an increase either, but I think we've been extremely responsible since 2010 I know for sure," said Jim Peluso, Commissioner.

Commissioners did make some cuts, cutting the Auditor's budget by about $80,000, and decreased the road budget by half a mill.

"72% of our general fund dollars, appropriations, goes to the sheriff, the state's attorney, and the detention center. So when we talk about cutting the budget we only have 28% to work with because I don't think anyone in here wants to have a less secure community in Burleigh County," said Mark Armstrong, Commissioner.

Officials discussed additional changes in funding from the book mobile and the highway fund, but decided against them.

Commissioners say they're required to pay one mill towards the Garrison diversion and one mill towards the UND School of Medicine, costing the county more than $1 million.