Burleigh County courthouse renovations complete on old jail side

BISMARCK, N.D. - Renovations to the old Burleigh County Jail above the courthouse are finished.

The sheriff's department moved back into its new area last week and the states attorney’s office moved in a bit earlier.

The old Burleigh County Jail may still look the same from the outside since it's last renovation in the 90s, but the inside looks completely different. The caveat is that there's traces of history from the original 1930s building still within the walls of the building, despite the renovation.

It's a building that has been around nearly a century serving the community.

"Throughout the times they've remodeled this, they've maintained as much as they can," said Kelly Leben, Burleigh County sheriff.

The building has now had its first face lift in nearly 30 years.

"There's still parts of the building that you get to see that go back to the 1930s days," said Leben.

Pieces of a preserved wall can now be seen in the new states attorney’s office.

“As a community we have to keep our history alive," said Leben.

The former sheriff's sleeping quarters has also been preserved.

"It's a part of us, you know? There's stories to be told from it," said Leben.

The sheriff's department and states attorney’s office are ready to write new memories in their refurbished building.

"What we've done now is we've divided into divisions. All the legal assistants and the attorneys who are in, say the drug crimes division, they're all in one location," said Julie Lawyer, Burleigh County States Attorney.

The states attorney’s office is split up between drug, personal and property crimes. Space for storage was also essential for them.

"When we had old files that came up, which was on a daily basis, we had to run to three different locations to try to find them and now everything is in one space," said Lawyer.

Both agencies are already working diligently in their new areas.

The states attorney’s office and the sheriff’s department both say they're happy with the renovations, and with that added space.

Now, all that's left of what used to be the old jail is the name on the wall that's already starting to fade.