Burleigh County Water Resource District working to identify, fix erosion on the Missouri River

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BURLIEGH COUNTY, N.D. - While Fox Island builds, multiple water boards are trying to keep the river from destroying more banks with erosion.

Photo courtesy: Noctem Photography

The Burleigh County Water Resource District, along with the state water commission are compiling a report of the damage. The district is also trying to straighten out decades old agreements with the Corps and make one source where people can find what they're responsible for and get some help to those who need it.

“We need to get it done. There's people that need repairs. They're losing their land, it's washing away. This spring we saw a ton of trees coming down the river,” said Greg Larson, Burleigh County Water Resource District.

If the water district takes control, Larson says they will need to increase the mill levy to cover some of the costs. Larson says no matter who deals with it, tax dollars will likely cover it: whether it's federal, state or local.