Burleigh County Sheriff's Department's canine heroes

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Deputies at Burleigh County Sheriff's Department pride themselves always working hard to get drugs off the streets.

But recently officers started to receive some assistance from two four-legged friends, and they say the help is appreciated.

Canines Profi and Dexter like to have fun off call. But when they're on a traffic stop, it's all business.

"It's a good feeling that the dogs and the investment that our department has put into to help combat drug trafficking is working," said Brent Lipponen, Burleigh County deputy

Last week, 2-year-old Profi assisted a deputy with a traffic stop where more than 80 pounds of marijuana was seized. It's one of the department's largest busts, but 3-year-old Dexter has several notable traffic stops as well.

"More notable busts he's had was a, it was a 12 pound marijuana find, and then he also assisted on a forty pound marijuana find," said Elliot Carvell, Burleigh County deputy.

Dexter joined the team to re-introduce the canine program to the department. Major Kelly Leben says since it started again in January last year, more than 150 pounds of marijuana and more than 10 pounds of meth have been removed from the community.

"the well trained officers, the well trained canines, we're starting to see where our patrol staff is able to make a lot more effective stops and instead of just stopping a car and issuing a citation we're going beyond the traffic stop and discovering criminal activity," said Maj. Kelly Leben, Burleigh County Sheriff's Department.

The canine handlers say their dogs are family members and patrolling with them is an honor.

"I would consider it an inseparable bond I've always dreamed of being a canine handler my entire life I became a cop to become a canine handler, so it's pretty fulfilling and gratifying to be able to handle a canine," said Carvell.

Although they've already done so much, the canines aren't close to done with their work to keep the community safer.

Profi had only been working the streets for several months before his big bust last week.