Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department seeing shortage

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BURLIEGH COUNTY, N.D. - The Burleigh County Sheriff's Department is short deputies.

Administrators say there tends to be turnover in law enforcement.

The department is six deputies down and they're looking to fill three investigations positions.

Patrol deputies and investigators are having to pick up the slack because of a deputy shortage.

"Day to day, it can put some kind of stress on you when you're trying to give the adequate coverage that the area deserves," said Andrew Middlestead, Burleigh County deputy.

Middlestead says his shift is seeing this first hand with only three deputies instead of six.

"Everybody's kinda gotta pick up the slack. We're down a few investigators so that means each investigator has more cases assigned," said Lt. Dustin Olson.

A strain on the department but they say they're doing the best they can to keep afloat.

"We have to get creative sometimes with making sure our coverage is up there and we have minimum staffing requirements. So we make sure that we're providing the services to the citizens of Burleigh County," said Olson.

Deputies are hoping for more hires soon.

Olson says they are putting out several conditional offers soon and they're hoping this will bring some relief.