Burleigh County Sheriff candidates debate before election

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Burleigh County Sheriff candidates Kelly Leben and Nolan Canright answered questions from voters on a radio broadcast Thursday.

The debate heated up after a domestic violence allegation was brought up concerning one of them. In 2014, Kelly Leben put his nephew in a headlock, and the boy sought medical treatment. Listeners during the debate asked about a police report that surfaced in January. An incident between Leben and his nephew that Canright feels wasn't investigated properly.

"We knew my opponent was going to go negative with that report. Our concern is not that he brought it up, it's a one sided report that furthers his political gain and that's what he's going to run with," said Leben.

"My opponent wants to say it's negative to even speak about it. He's absolutely wrong. We should discuss it because we want to make sure who we're going to elect has a background that's clean," said Canright.

The Peace Officer Standards and Training Board will discuss the issue at their meeting in December.

This wasn't the only issue talked about tonight.

"It's just the education, the experience, the ability. I have the insight on the agency, and on day one we're going to be ready to take over that agency and keep moving forward," said Leben.

"Most of the time in law enforcement you're very reactive. You go somewhere after an incident already happens, and that's where I say I want to get deputies out in the community more and talking to people because you learn a lot. It's very important to be proactive in law enforcement," said Canright.

This will be the first contested Burleigh Sheriff election since 2010.

This was the last debate for the candidates before the election on Nov. 6.