Burgum won’t punish in-person church

Published: Apr. 10, 2020 at 8:21 PM CDT
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With many around the state hoping to go to church this Easter weekend, a lot of churches are going to be holding virtual services instead. However, there are some that are going to be still hosting in-person Easter services, but the governor's asking them not to and is asking followers to consider different options when practicing their faith. He did add that they won't be punished for hosting in-person services this weekend, but did ask people to follow individualistic responsibility.

"I would encourage people to think, particularly if they follow those operating procedures, they may think of those individuals that are at risk, either because of age or underlying conditions might wanna dial in for that service,” Burgum said.

Starting on Monday, North Dakota will be having expanded services for the homeless shelters. The Department of Health and the Department of Human Services are teaming up with local shelters to expand housing options for people affected by the coronavirus. This includes the homeless, those seeking shelter for quarantine, as was all seeking shelter from domestic abuse. All the plans will come out on Monday, but Chris Jones, the director of the DHS, said that many of those resources will be hotel vouchers.

“We are working hard to make sure any new initiatives we support are well thought-out, well-monitored, and targeted to meet specific, identified North Dakota needs,” Jones said.

Over the past week, the state has really been ramping up their testing facilities, as well as ramping up contact tracing, training 250 individuals just to find out who people have been in contact with. There is also an expansion on Operation Drive-In for Mountrail County, which will be receiving expanded testing focus test this weekend.