Burgum signs remaining bills, vetoes section on holding Legacy Fund earnings

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Gov. Doug Burgum has closed out the 2019 session, signing the remaining bills for K12 funding and creating a UAS network. But not all the bills made it out unscathed.

Burgum vetoed one section, Section 19 of the OMB budget bill, which catches anything that slipped through the cracks during the session. The section as it was sent to him, says:

“For purposes of the development of the state budget, the legislative assembly shall recognize legacy fund earnings transferred to the general fund at the end of each biennium in accordance with section 26 of article X of the Constitution of North Dakota as part of the general fund beginning balance for the subsequent biennium rather than as revenue of the biennium in which the transfer is made at the end of the biennium.”

In his veto message, Burgum said this section goes around what the voters approved in 2010 and it artificially reduces the balance of the state’s General Fund by hundreds of millions of dollars. Currently, earnings from the Legacy Fund are automatically transferred into the General Fund.

Burgum signed a total of 526 bills out of more than 900 bills introduced by the Legislature.