Burgum signs bills for cybersecurity, monitoring nursing home residents

MGN PHOTO: Surveillance camera, Photo Date: 4/12/2015
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BISMARCK, N.D. - Gov. Doug Burgum has signed 377 bills in the 2019 session, including a bill to allow loved ones to monitor nursing home residents.

SB 2113 allows for a monitoring device- including video surveillance cameras, in a person’s room.

The bill also says a facility has to try to accommodate residents in shared room where one person wants a device and the other doesn’t.

Gov. Burgum last night signed the following bills that may be of interest:

SB 2110 - Relating to cybersecurity

SB 2181 – Relating to cyberbullying of students

SB 2185 - Relating to termination of parental rights

SB 2176 - A bill for an Act to provide for a road train pilot program

SB 2061 - Relating to a road use fee for electric and hybrid vehicles

SB 2273 - Relating to sexual extortion

HB 1256 - Relating to sealing of criminal records