Burgum calls Fargo riot “organized crime”

Published: Jun. 4, 2020 at 2:11 PM CDT
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With the protests around the state and wind, following the governor's deployment of the National Guard as well as a spectrum of severity across the States, the governor described the crowd as riot organizers.

He went on to say that what happened in Fargo feels more like organized crime rather than voicing opinions under freedom of speech. And while he said he is trying to broaden the dialogue amongst various parties, he continued to use the phrase “riots.”

However, he brought it all back to following coronavirus safety guidelines.

“If you're a person that is going to put yourself in a crowd of people like that, I think you have to be aware of whether you might then chose to socially distance from your loved ones who are vulnerable or wear the precautions of wearing a mask when you're there or chose to have your voice heard some other way,” Burgum said.

Meanwhile, the pandemic response continues to move forward. Indian affairs commissioner Scott Davis said the MHA nation is seeking more test. Similar to the rest of the state, data is shaping how tribal lands reopen.

More than 3300 tests have already been done, nearly 5% of all tests done in North Dakota. As the state expands its testing capabilities, tribal testing does so as well.

"It's an amazing thing to see. People just line up from the districts within our reservations and once we get going, it's a pretty, I'll have to say it's a smooth-running oil machine, and that just shows the commitment and partnership,” Davis said.

One thing the tribes hope to establish is regular sampling and standing rock will focus there's on the more than 400 casino workers. So far, they say their success comes from using a strategy of having their testing done within walking distance of their target audience, rather than drive up testing. The governor said this is a strategy he is considering as well.