Bulldog returns home

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MINOT, N.D Four years ago, a family in Williston lost one of their four-legged family members.

After searching for their bulldog named Carly, a 5 or 6 year old bulldog, for nearly a year, members of the Vachal family say all hope of finding her was lost.

Just this week they got the call that Carly was found.

"We thought for sure she was gone. Where she was at, no idea. But to us, I guess she was gone forever," said Peter Vachal, Carly's owner.

Minot Police Department found Carly in a "drug house".

Animal Control Officers say she couldn't stand up because of the neglect she faced.

They say she had been scrounging around for food in the garbage lying around the home.

"Once we got inside the house we kind of realized there was a situation there. There was feces, and urine everywhere. The dog was actually sitting on the couch. She didn't get up. Actually they thought that she couldn't get up at all because she wouldn't even come to them or anything" said Tanya Mendelsohn, Animal Control Officer.

After being checked for her microchip, she was tracked back to her family 126 miles away.

"I got it from a friend of mine, and I think he got it until about a year old, and then we got her from him, and then we had her for about a year. Then we had another dog too, and they ran around outside all the time. Basically we let them outside to go run one day and our big dog came back and Carly never did," said Vachal.

Mendelsohn says she connected with Carly from the start and says that it's because of success stories like this that make her love her job.

"I love my job. I always have. It's actually my dream job, so it's very very encouraging for me to keep doing this for sure," said Mendelsohn.

Vachal says Carly is a lot bigger than he expected, but is ready to get her back into good health as we enter the new year.

Mendelsohn brought Carly to Love on a Leash in Minot, where she received a complimentary bath, a new holiday wardrobe and even got her nails done.