Bull Riding and Bullfighting School in the Minot

MINOT, N.D. - The Abrahamson Rodeo Company is back in the Magic City with the annual Bull Riding & Bullfighting School.

Kids from across the country have descended upon Minot to learn the ins and outs of rodeo.

So much goes into learning a sport, but when that involves a bull, the stakes are raised.

"If that bulls has got his feet out here going like this, you don't know which way he is going. If he commits and comes running hard, then it is a little easier to fake him and he ducks his head this way and you can go around,” said Cliff Hollywood Harris, professional rodeo clown, teacher.

This is just one of the tips that Harris will give to the kids attending the school.

"You kind of have to be pretty tough in this business. A lot of them are just push, push, push at the rodeo schools as far as training your kids. This is not how this school is. This school is all about you go at your level,” said Harris.

Kids, like Tyler Gay from Decatur, Texas, look forward to this event each year.

"I wanted to come learn how to be a rodeo clown and entertain the crowd. Get hit around and stuffed into a barrel and protect the cowboys,” said Gay.
Some things will be taught some things you just have to have a knack for.

"Well you can't teach anybody how to be funny that for sure. You know, to put on the face where it is not really scary. To teach about the microphone a little bit of clown edict,” said Harris.

But techniques for bullfighting are a whole other beast.

"At the end of the rodeo they would turn out a bad bull that we would make rounds with and fight him on the barrel and do these different bull fighting moves to thrill the crowd. That became a sport,” said Harris.

"You’re out here running hard for 60 seconds and your winded. It's 60 seconds of adrenaline pounding. It's indescribable really until you see it or do it,” said Brandon Padilla, professional bullfighter and barrel man.

Teaching the next generation of bull riders

The school starts Thursday at 5 p.m. and runs all day Friday and Saturday. You are welcome to stop by and watch some of what they are learning.