'Build Minot' Campaign ideas to be sent to community leaders

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MINOT, N.D. - About a year ago, the Minot Public Library introduced a campaign to gather ideas from the public on how to improve life in the Magic City.

For the "Build Minot" campaign, Library staff placed building blocks and markers at various locations around town, and asked the public to write ideas on the blocks and then stack them up. Some of the ideas include more parks, pools and other fun activities.

Now, they plan to send the relevant data to the organizations that they say would be interested or would benefit from it.

“It was very positive stuff about what people want to see in the community. It wasn't for people to complain about things it was just a chance for people to tell us what they want. I was really pleased to see that and to see that people are passionate about certain things whether it be animals, or parks or public transportation was another big one,” said Library Director Janet Anderson.

Anderson says she plans to send out these ideas sometime early next year.