Braves Bistro Buddies school coffee shop

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MANDAN, N.D. - Teachers and students at Mandan Middle School now have options to choose from when it comes to drinks.

Braves Bistro Buddies is a new coffee shop at Mandan Middle School that teaches children with disabilities fundamental skills they'll use in the future.

Seventh grader Angela Erhardt is just one student that makes Braves Bistro Buddies run, she's in charge of pouring hot chocolate for costumers.

"I am learning that I'm good at doing my job, and I'm responsible for doing whatever I do," Erhardt said.

The coffee shop is a place for students to grab a drink, and teachers are seeing better results in their classrooms due to the Bistro.

"In some classes you can just come down if you ask them, and especially if you have your homework done," said Jenny Hanson, 6th Grader.

"I try to do my homework as fast as I can so I can get here," said Isabelle Carlsen, 6th Grader.

Bistro jobs range from cashiers to marshmallow distributors. Each job teaches students communication skills and manners.

"I think it's just a lot of those skills that they need for when they get out of high school," said Kasi Reis, Special Education teacher.

The shop truly does offer a hands-on learning experience.

The Bistro sells hot and cold coffee, hot chocolate, and tea. Money that's raised from the venture goes back to the school to buy more items for the shop.

Mandan Middle School hopes to continue Braves Bistro Buddies for many years to come.