Brave the Shave Pansy's Peeps

Published: Apr. 6, 2019 at 1:36 PM CDT
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One team is getting into the spirit of Brave the Shave by trying some new styles before they go under the clippers.

Rosemary Heath and her great-granddaughter agreed to have matching hairstyles to support those with cancer.

"Everybody in their family has cancer somewhere along the line, and if we can't help them who can? Little kids don't need cancer, they've still got a life to live," said Heath.

"I got nervous, but as soon it's done and over with I'm going to be happy," said Morgan Harvey.

They're just two of the more than 50 members of Pansy's Peeps, a team started four years ago by Dr. Tim Pansegrau to raise money with some colorful self expression.

"I'm a surgeon, so if people see me with normal hair, and then they wake up and see me with different hair, they get that perplexed look on their face," said Dr. Timothy Pansegrau.

The team dyes and styles their hair in the final days before shaving it all off, and Pansegrau says the team triples or quadruples its fundraising in that time.

Heath and Harvey say they're excited for another reason as well.

"All the memories," said Harvey

"I guess so, memories, because I wouldn't do it if it wasn't for her," said Heath.

So if you see a tiger or a peacock at Brave the Shave, you'll know they're one of Pansy's Peeps.

You can support the team by going to​ and searching for Pansy's Peeps.​​