Brave the Shave Challenge

BISMARCK, N.D. - Brave the Shave raises money for families of children with cancer, as well as research. A couple of religious leaders have joined in on a friendly competition.

Pastor Craig Schweitzer and Father Nick Schneider are trying to see whose community is going to raise more money for the 2019 Flagship Event, where everyone who participates eventually gets their head shaved.

It's Catholic versus Lutheran, but for the same cause.

"I have less to shave here, and more to shave here and obviously Pastor Craig has more to shave here and less to shave here and we're shaving our hair for cancer research for kids, and to support local families that are walking or struggling through the journey of enduring cancer," said Schneider.

As religious leaders, they say coming across someone with cancer is a weekly occurrence, but they can relate on a personal level.

"I've had a cousin whose infant was diagnosed with cancer about a year ago, also a dear friend of mine from high school who has a child who is still battling cancer in his life," said Schweitzer.

This campaign is a way to put a positive spin on it through a supportive community, and put a smile on children's faces.

"I've been known for my hair, and it's part of who I am," said Schweitzer.

"The beard is going and I haven't been without a beard for 15 years now, so I don't even know what my jaw line looks like," said Schneider.

Pastor Craig is in the lead as of today, as number 13 and Father Nick is number 35.

To make a donation you can go to donate dot brave the shave dot com The main event will take place Saturday, April 13, at the Missouri Valley Family YMCA in Bismarck, where you'll get to see one of these guys get their head or beard shaved!