Brass Band of Minot celebrates Easter early

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MINOT, ND - Sunday, the Brass Band of Minot celebrated Easter a bit early.

The 35 member all brass band held their season finale show featuring Easter music, a percussion trio, and an Organ soloist.

The Brass Band of Minot is still the only brass band in the state and it's on it's 24th year of bring music to the community.

The band members say with Easter just around the corner the concert is a great way to end the season.

"So many people are involved in so many things at churches and at schools. We felt that we needed to be part of that Easter celebration and it ends on a very good celebration," said Gordon Troxel, Brass Band of Minot Director.

The Brass Band of Minot has four shows per season. The next season starts on October 8th.