Bowman murder trial continues for seventh day

DICKINSON, N.D. - Wednesday was day seven of the Bowman motel murder trial in Dickinson.

Suspected murderer Madison West testified. She claims she had nothing to do with the death of 23-year-old Nicholas Johnson and begged the other suspect, Chase Swanson, to stop beating him.

Jason West, Madison's father, also testified.

Jason says his daughter was raised religiously, but growing up she hung out with the wrong crowd and started doing drugs. He says he always tried to steer her in the right direction and sent her to rehab.

Madison says she didn't touch Johnson, and the night of the murder was the first time they met.

"Nick fell to the ground and Chase started kicking him. Nick was crying, he was crying Chase's name. He just kept saying Chase, Chase. And Chase wouldn't stop," said Madison.

She claims she was terrified of Swanson and that's why she didn't run away or tell anyone of what she says he had done.

Testimonies ended Wednesday and the trial is scheduled to end Thursday.