Bowman motel murder trial continues

DICKINSON, N.D. - A second day of testimony in a murder trial took place Thursday in Dickinson.

Suspects Chase Swanson and Madison West are accused of murdering 23-year-old Nicholas Johnson in a Bowman Motel in 2016.

Mae West, Madison's younger sister, was a witness on the stand earlier today. She discussed her interaction with her on August 20th, 2016.

She says Madison said to her, "She'll either be in prison or in Mexico, and that she loved me."

Swanson and Madison are accused of dropping off bloodied items at Madison's fathers home in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Agent Jason Moon from Wyoming says he took a red and white bed sheet with dark stains from the trashcan, along with a fireman plaque. Moon also recovered items Swanson and Madison dropped off at the home to the station.

Mae says when she moved Madison's things from the porch to the garage before being taken into evidence, she saw blood.

The suspects also heard from many detectives, 9-1-1 operators and forensic biologists during testimony.

They heard about Todd Pashano, who was the third person in the vehicle from Bowman, N.D. to Denver, Colo., and a neighbor of both suspects at the El-Vu Motel.

Pashano's 9-1-1 call to operators was played to the courtroom this afternoon. He says he witnessed the murder and was kidnapped at gunpoint.

Denver PD arrived at the hotel where he was calling from.

"You know for the most part he seemed pretty calm, cool and collected. especially for the information he was telling me," said Adam Bolton, Denver PD officer.

In the call, Pashano recalls the couple beating and kicking Johnson.

This trial is just gearing up and is will continue tomorrow and into next week.